Meet us – founders team

We are a young and open-minded team with a great vision.

Alexander Igelmann

Jan Hoppius

Alexander Kanitz

Dr.-Ing. Jannis Köhler

give Lidrotec its true value

We believe in a work environment that is comfortable and familiar, characterized by togetherness, and where everyone is welcomed with respect regardless of gender, background or lifestyle. We foster a healthy team spirit by pushing each other to explore our potential and overcome successes and setbacks together.

is in our genes

We foster an environment of creativity, curiosity and collaboration where our employees have the freedom to implement their innovative ideas and improve processes and structures within Lidrotec.

defines our technology and work

In our work, we place more emphasis on accuracy and precision than on speed. Our high quality, focused and precise solutions and services reflect our work ethic and the ongoing motivation of our employees to continuously learn and achieve high precision in all areas.

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