LidroCUT® - Laser Dicing in Liquids

The latest innovation in wafer dicing technology – ready to be cutting edge?

LidroCUT® – by Lidrotec

Our innovation combines opposites

Excellent quality and highest precision in cutting microchips and devices (wafer dicing) are the main features of Lidrotec’s innovative laser technology. With it, we set new standards for a variety of industries: semiconductor, energy, medicine, electronics and material science.

While the processing is done by a laser, we use controlled fluids, which perform several crucial functions at the same time: efficient cooling of the workpiece surface (» no heat input – no microcracks), binding and rinsing of nano- and microparticles (» no debris on the surface), and optimization of laser ablation due to the physicochemical interactions between laser beam, liquid and workpiece.



Burr-free and sharp cutting edges lead to less scrap and increase production yield


Minimal cutting widths and a high aspect ratio increase the number of chips on each wafer

Freeform cutting

We enable new chip designs
– thinking outside the box


The surface of the chips is clean and requires no post-treatment steps

Material independency

Any material and all material systems can be cut, hence no step-cut or other complex production steps are required


Full cuts, structuring, grooving, functionalization – all possibilities in one machine

LidroCUT® – Quick facts

A short summary of LidroCUT®

  • – High-quality cuts
    – Material independency
    – Free-form cutting
    – No chipping or cracks
    – No burr or delamination
    – No debris deposition

  • – No coating required
    – Standard tape frame application
    – Cleanroom suitability
    – Plug & play application
    – Incl. SECS/GEM interface

  • – Reduce inspection efforts (AOI)
    – Unmatched up-time
    – Scribe and dice in one step
    – Cut multi-project-wafer
    – Full cut, trimming and grooving
    – Virtually 100% yield

  • You can find more details on our FAQ page. Just click here to get there.

The latest innovation in wafer dicing technology - ready to be cutting edge?

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