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  • – High-quality cuts
    – Material independency
    – Free-form cutting
    – No chipping or cracks
    – No burr or delamination
    – No debris deposition

  • – No coating required
    – Standard tape frame application
    – Cleanroom suitability
    – Plug & play application
    – Incl. SECS/GEM interface

  • – Reduce inspection efforts (AOI)
    – Unmatched up-time
    – Scribe and dice in one step
    – Cut multi-project-wafer
    – Full cut, trimming and grooving
    – Virtually 100% yield

  • LidroCUT® is a compact semi-automatic laser machine. The next generation in 2024 will be fully automatic.

  • Currently, we can handle wafer up to 8″ diameter and 1mm thickness. On request, 12″ diameters and full automation for OHR are also possible.

  • The reliable processing is done by laser ablation in liquids and offers excellent cutting quality, highest precision and maximum yield and output.

  • The machine is suitable for any materials: metals, ceramics, semiconductor materials, like Si, SiC, GaAs, glasses, etc. . Also, multilayer material systems, like copper on silicon, low-k-materials, ceramics, etc.

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